The Music of Timothy Loest

Measures of Success®
A Comprehensive Musicianship Band Method

By Deborah Sheldon, Brian Balmages, Timothy Loest, Robert Sheldon with Percussion by David Collier

There is more to musicianship than playing exercises. Musicianship is the understanding of how music captures and presents in its intrinsic qualities the patterns and forms of human feeling, as experienced through a variety of musical involvements. To that end, Measures of Success® engages students in playing, conducting, composing, improvising, listening, evaluating and critiquing.

About Measures of Success®
  • Unique, goal-oriented chapter organization
  • 6 full pages of assessment
  • Music representing over 20 countries and 17 composers
  • 15 pieces for full band
  • Duets, rounds, and 2 solos with piano accompaniment
  • 2 Play-Along CDs
  • Featured in SmartMusic®
  • Correlates with art and world history
  • National Standards based
  • Composing, conducting, listening, clapping, and more!


Warm-ups and Beyond
A Comprehensive Rehearsal Book for Developing Bands

By Timothy Loest with Percussion by Kevin Lepper

With over 187,000 copies sold, this FJH publication is a proven winner in facilitating outstanding musicianship while saving valuable teaching time. It's the perfect companion to any band method, replacing warm-up sheets, scale sheets, fingering charts and other handouts commonly found in band folders. Warm-ups and Beyond features basic to advanced warm-ups that cover scales, arpeggios, intervals, chord progressions and chorales. Going beyond typical warm-ups, students explore key change studies, articulation studies and flexibility studies. A glossary of musical terms, symbols and signs is followed by appendices that contain scale sheets, tuning notes and fingering charts. Percussion expert Kevin Lepper presents two sticking systems, seven essential rudiments and playing techniques for accessory percussion instruments.

Rhythms and Beyond
21 Lessons in Rhythm Skill Development for All Musicians

By Timothy Loest and Timothy Wimer

This progressive publications from FJH helps performing musicians understand fundamental rhythmic concepts while mastering important counting skills. It's the perfect supplement for instrumentalists and vocalists alike, clearly presenting how rhythms are constructed, counted and played. Included are note and rest studies, meter studies, advanced rhythm concept studies and special activities and assessments. Rhythms and Beyond has helped over 38,000 musicians since its release.